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Aim, Purpose and Values

Curriculum Vision & Intent

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Curriculum Drivers

As part of our new school curriculum, we have identified three 'Curriculum Drivers' linked closely to our school values. These drivers are areas we aim to support our children in, to further enhance the exciting and engaging learning opportunities that our pupils enjoy everyday. 

  • Raising aspiration and ambition - We have designed an ambitious curriculum and we are setting high expectations for children so that they challenge themselves. We want an aspirational curriculum for all. Subject leaders plan for an enriched curriculum, supplemented by trips, visitors, workshops and clubs. 

  • Healthy living, healthy choices - We want our children to be mindful of the choices they make which have an impact on their physical and emotional health. At Harbinger, we nurture the children’s emotional intelligence and explore growth mindset. Healthy lifestyles are woven through subjects such as PSHE, PE, Science and Computing online safety, for example, as well as the restorative practise approach we have adopted as part of our new Behaviour Policy. 

  • Valuing inclusivity and diversity - We are fortunate to be located in a diverse and cosmopolitan city. We want our children to learn more about their local area as well as broaden their horizons and develop their knowledge and understanding of other communities – locally, nationally and globally - and learn about and from others, showing curiosity and demonstrating respect towards others.

Statements of Intent, Implementation and Impact

At Harbinger, each subject has been developed with a clear intent and vision. Click below to read the Intent documents for each subject.

For further details about each subject curriculum, visit the Curriculum Design page.

"All pupils in the school attend a range of outings every year which help to widen pupils’ cultural experiences.

These include visits to museums, galleries and places of worship."

- Ofsted, 2023

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