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 What is 'Oracy'? 

Oracy is defined as “the ability to speak eloquently, articulate ideas and thoughts and influence through talking, collaborate with peers, and have confidence to express views”​

There are 4 elements to oracy: Physical, linguistic, cognitive, and social & emotional:

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Fiona Keogh

Oracy Lead

At Harbinger, it is important we plan various and multiple opportunities for children to practice and develop their oracy skills.

• As a class, we generate discussion guidelines together which guide and prompt children.

• We explore and plan for different approaches to discussions (roles and configurations). 

• We use Destination Reader sentence stems.

• We use sentence stems in classes, providing progression i.e. Alan Peat sentences and Tower Hamlets Progression in Language Structures.

• As role models, we set high expectations of spoken language and model these to children.

• We plan stand-alone oracy lessons.

• We encourage pupil voice i.e. show and tell; buddy readers; pupil meetings; speaking in assemblies; meeting with visitors; Dragons’ Den; Poetry Slam.


We will share more details here of the work we plan to do towards the Oracy Project.