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Remote Learning

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Digital Vision

As we have engaged with Microsoft as our whole-school digital platform, we are building a digital vision for our school community, in-line with our own values and vision, as well as incorporating the Microsoft 21st Century Learning Design:

We aim to create an educational community where all children develop as:

  • successful and reflective learners who embrace learning through knowledge construction and positively engage in the use of ICT for learning.

  • confident individuals who build strategies to self regulate and learn to enhance their communication skills.

  • enthusiastic and responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society by experiencing solving real-world problems and innovating.

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In the event of a school closure, Harbinger Primary School will provide learning tasks for children to access from home (school days only). We will provide a range of online and offline tasks, all focused on the child's year group.


Online learning is set primarily via Microsoft Teams. You can find more information in our Remote Learning Policy below.

If you require any support with your child's log in, or access to a device, please contact the school.

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