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Oracy Ambassadors

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Here are some quotes from the Oracy Ambassadors:


Fareed – Jet Class 

I want to help people share their opinions – this is such an important life skill. 


Faiha – Jet Class 

Some people don’t speak much, and I think speaking more will help them have more ideas. 


Ailbe – Turquoise Class 

I want to help others with their oracy skills; I am always using the sentence stems for oracy. 


Mariya – Turquoise Class 

I want to help others share their opinions and have a voice. I want to represent the school and build our communication skills at Harbinger. 


Abyan – Ruby Class 

I could help people to be confident. I will encourage others to use their voice. 


Keyann – Opal Class 

I can help represent the school’s oracy and help others understand that they shouldn’t be afraid to speak. 


Grace – Jade Class 

In class, I do active listening and whenever someone else isn’t doing good listening, I remind them. 


Amina – Jade Class 

I want to help others to say words correctly and know which words to say with sentence stems. 


Rihana - Ruby Class 

I want to add more detail to what others say with agree, build and challenge. 





"Early years leaders enable children to develop their language skills swiftly."

- Ofsted, 2019

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