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Knowledge Organisers

History & Geography Knowledge Organisers
Science Knowledge Organisers
Seasonal Changes
yr4 ko.PNG
Year 4 
yr5 ko.PNG
Year 5
Living Things and Their Habitats
Year 6
Evolution and Inheritance
Art and DT Knowledge Organisers
Music Knowledge Organisers
yr2 orchestral.jpg
yr2 myths.jpg
Vintage Compass
KS1 West African call and response song
(Theme: Animals)
yr2 on this island.jpg
KS1 On this island: British songs and sounds
Image by Austin Neill
KS1 Musical Me
Image by Marius Masalar
KS1 Dynamics, timbre, tempo and motifs (Theme: Space)
yr4 samba.jpg
Years 4-6
Samba and Carnival Sounds and Instruments
yr4 adapting motifs.jpg

"Leaders’ curricular thinking has improved considerably, including in mathematics. This means that pupils’ knowledge and understanding across the curriculum is strong.

-Ofsted 2023

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