Creative Writing Workshop with Adisa the Poet

"On Wednesday afternoon, a poet called Adisa came into our class to give us a poetry workshop. He told us about his life and how he became a poet. Adisa read lots of his poems and made funny jokes. Next, he read some poems and we had to guess the rhyming words.  In our opinion, we liked his poems very much. Next he was talking about our city and we brainstormed things that we liked and did not like. We used our ideas to start writing lines for our own poems. We had lots of fun in the poetry workshop."

By Amaaya, Ishaq, Samiya and Jenna, Ruby Class

"On Thursday, Jet Class enjoyed a visit from the poet Adisa, to help us join in a competition called 'In This, Our City'. This session was enjoyable and everyone loved it! It was really funny as well."

By Amelia, Jet Class

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