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Building confidence & Managing Child Anxiety workshop for Parents

On Wednesday 17th January, colleagues from THEWs (Tower Hamlets Education Wellbeing Service) ran a very informative and helpful session for parents at school.

We had a good turnout and lots of useful tips were shared about how to manage anxiety (worries) for children and adults. 


Alex (our school THEWs Lead) has kindly asked for us to share the PowerPoint so parents who did not attend can benefit too. Alex is on site at Harbinger every Monday afternoon if you would like further information.

For info about how to access the in school service please speak to Azmina. 


Please look out for information about other parental workshops that will be run at Harbinger. 

If there is something specific you would like us to provide, please speak to Azmina. 


Thank you all for your continued support and engagement with school. 

Together we can make a difference. 


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