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Living With Covid

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Since March 2021, the children have been back in school full time but there continue to be periods of time when the rate of infection in our local area is high.

To respond to this, we maintain the following Risk Assessments, that are updated regularly in line with local and national guidance. They are written to guide the operations of the school, with the aim of keeping children and staff as safe as possible whilst at the same time enabling us to maximise opportunities for learning whilst together we recover.

Please click here for the school's Covid-19 Secure Risk assessment.

Please click here for our Outbreak Management Plan.

Please click here for the Risk Assessment for St Luke's Swimming Pool.

We very much hope that children will not be asked to work remotely again but, if they are, these documents will continue to guide our work and support parents and carers at home.


In the event of a school closure, Harbinger Primary School will provide learning activities for children to access from home (school days only). We will provide a range of online and offline tasks, all focused on the child's year group.


Online learning is set primarily via Microsoft Teams. You can find more information in our Remote Learning Policy below.

If you require any support with your child's log in, or access to a device, please contact the school.

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